Monday, January 31, 2011

Konversi Video 3GPP format

Yup ...! Watching videos on mobile phones began to be a trend among mobilers [mobile phone users-ed] homeland. This is none other than caused by the camera support and features realone.Namun you know what? To watch a video on phones as practiced by Sandra above, not as easy as we watch a movie on VCD or DVD. Because only a few extensions that can be played on the phone. Not believe it ....? Try one of your records activities around you, then see ektensinya! Certainly 3GPP ektensinya tul gak? Why can 3GPP? In general, the 3GPP [Third Generation Partnership Project] is one of the standard extensions Movies decided by a consortium of operators who wish to enter 3G era. That is, if our operators have entered into 3G, The companion film that we can we send over the network WCDMA / UMTS / CDMA EV-DV.Paham khan? In general, the 3GPP has a file size small enough so that it can be converted and transmitted through the telecommunication network moving via the BTS in the vicinity. Well ... now VCD can be sure if the format should be used for dikonfversi layer can be watched on mobile phones. The trick? Follow exposure follows: There are two easy ways you can do to make conversion to 3GPP file. First use the Nokia Multimedia Player software congenital Nokia! How is arguably the most easy and simple because we do not need to determine the bitrate and frame for videos that we will generate, but .... This software has various limitations because the resulting picture less than the maximum. What to do first is to install software NMP into your PC, if already? Open one file that will converted, this time showing an example Exposure Scooby Film Doo. Click open to browse the files will be converted into 3GPP.
As then save to a folder
You decide!
Wait for the process is complete, if the file failed to convert,
it means you do not support the option file with
Nokia Multimedia Player Software